BBC Sounds: Final Reflections

Throughout the last few weeks working on the D&AD Brief for BBC sounds has shown me the importance of good client briefs, as opposed to bad ones and the difference it makes to be well prepared. The BBC Brief was a perfect example of a mediocre brief. The client provided some basic information about what […]

Final Reflections on Design Thinking

Starting out this year, I didn’t really know what was going to happen. I came to university because ‘it felt like the right time for me to start my masters’. In away I wasn’t even sure what I was getting into. What I did know is that I wanted to learn, and I wanted to […]

Critiques and use of technology

During the D&AD project, we had weekly stand up critiques of our work to assist us along the way. In some cases, these standups were really what bought ideas together after discussing them with our classmates, or challenge network. Having access to people who understand design when working as a freelancer is not always possible. […]

Does Project Management actually matter?

Throughout the module we were introduced to AGILE, a form of project management often used in business to streamline a project and deliver results to customers more efficiently. In some industries it is imperative to have project management in place, for example in companies where software development happens, it’s likely that not everyone understands software […]

BBC Sounds: Who are the BBC and who actually listens to podcasts?

For the D&AD brief, it is important to understand who the client is before we start working on a project. Through freelancing on various projects, I’ve discovered that every business has it’s own set of values, and design can be built around these values if properly understood.  One project I worked on in the past, […]

BBC Sounds: What is UX design?

One of the first things I needed to do further research into was UX design. UX stands for User Experience and so the design of User Experience is what this particular project is about. In a way this relates back to our Design thinking modules quite nicely. UX design is the process of creative products […]

BBC Sounds: Projects that are bigger than life

At the start of this semester, we began looking at the D&AD New Blood awards and some of the design briefs set by real-world clients as part of this. The D&AD organisation started in 1962 when a group of designers and art directors came together to celebrate creative communication and raise standards within the industry. […]

FITME Series: Website Designs and Social Media

So there area a lot of reasons why social media is important for a business. But in reality the most important thing would be exposure. Social media takes up a lot of time for a lot of people, and by not using social media we would be alienating ourselves from a massive user base who […]

FITME Series: Making an Advert

Video Adverts have evolved a lot from what they used to be but many adverts today still follow the same trends that have been around since the first video adverts appeared. The main point of creating a video advert is to attract customers to find out more about your product, and potentially become users of […]

FITME Series: Designing a product

As we started designing the fitness card game, we went through multiple iterations of what we wanted our product to look like and feel like. Some of this was to do with the physical look of the product whilst some was much deeper than that, after all, it is a card game. The first thing […]