Final Reflections on Design Thinking

Starting out this year, I didn’t really know what was going to happen. I came to university because ‘it felt like the right time for me to start my masters’. In away I wasn’t even sure what I was getting into. What I did know is that I wanted to learn, and I wanted to […]

FITME Series: Website Designs and Social Media

So there area a lot of reasons why social media is important for a business. But in reality the most important thing would be exposure. Social media takes up a lot of time for a lot of people, and by not using social media we would be alienating ourselves from a massive user base who […]

FITME Series: Making an Advert

Video Adverts have evolved a lot from what they used to be but many adverts today still follow the same trends that have been around since the first video adverts appeared. The main point of creating a video advert is to attract customers to find out more about your product, and potentially become users of […]

FITME Series: Designing a product

As we started designing the fitness card game, we went through multiple iterations of what we wanted our product to look like and feel like. Some of this was to do with the physical look of the product whilst some was much deeper than that, after all, it is a card game. The first thing […]

FITME Series: From Ideas to Reality

Many people enter into business thinking “hey, I have this great idea!” and assuming that everything will somehow work out. This post summarises a lot of what I felt throughout creating FITME (The exercise card game) with my fellow team members. During the  last few posts I talked about specific points throughout the build up […]

Selling our idea to the public: Trade fair experience

Now this was a new experience for me. Standing in public showing off something we have made as a team, and trying to get people to buy into the idea. On the 24th January, we took our startups to the Kingston university trade fair held in the Business School Atrium, and tried to sell our […]

Pitching our idea: Dragons Den

So the TV show dragon’s den has been one of my biggest inspirations for starting my own business. It shows people from all backgrounds coming to pitch their ideas in front of business moguls in order to gain investment for their ideas. So what did we do to prepare for our pitch? First of all […]

Putting our ideas on paper: Business model canvas, lean canvas and more

During the next few days after deciding on an idea, we started developing our yoga mat idea but we discovered that the idea had too many flaws. The main flaw being, it would become a product that nobody really asked for. At a basic level the main problem with this product is that it doesn’t solve the […]

How do you empathise with users? Brainstorming and Bodystorming

Everyone knows the concept of brainstorming for ideas. It’s a simple method which most people are taught at a young age, even if incorrectly or not optimally. But when it comes to bodystorming, this was a completely new concept to me. To understand Bodystorming, we first have to define what it is to brainstorm. According […]