Final Reflections for Managing Module

Final Reflective Blog Post Starting the year, I knew very little about managing a business. I understood some of the basic ideas around marketing and advertising, the basics of copyright law and the need to track my financials. But how do I put everything together to create an actual business? Throughout the module, we looked […]

What is Advertising and is it different from Marketing?

What is advertising? It sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? Advertising – to promote a product or service? Promote an idea? But discussing this further in class shows it isn’t always as simple as that. Advertising is a way to influence or reach your customers or target market by accurately portraying information about your brand, product or […]

Intellectual Property: The most important tool for a designer

Intellectual property rights are a bit of a minefield. There are so many aspects to them, and many people confuse which type of rights apply to what. There are a few different types of intellectual property rights available to use for businesses, the main aim of IP rights is to protect the products, services and […]

What do you know about Strategy?

Business strategy could be described as a¬†means to achieve a desired objective¬†whether these be long term or short term doesn’t matter, but the way in which we plan to get there is what strategy relies on. In the majority of companies, strategies are focused on bringing in revenue. In the case of the business strategy […]

What is a Brand?

What I thought a brand was and what a brand actually is… Branding is a topic that is often discussed as part of marketing and many of the concepts of branding are lost within marketing strategies.. So what is a brand? During the last class we explored what a Brand is, and how a business […]

What is the Lean Startup?

The lean startup is a methodology that transforms ideas into products by developing from feedback and data. It is a way that startups can m,inimise the total time it takes to create a minimum viable product which can be presented to their customers. The diagram to the right shows how Ideas can be tested throughout […]

Business Model? What’s that?

The business model; and why it’s important As a creative I often forget to think about the ways I’m going to make money. I greatly enjoy the acts of making something from scratch, whether it be a website or a short video, that’s where my enjoyment comes from. I never stopped to think about what […]