Design Museum: Designer Maker User Exhibition Visit

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This week we went to the design museum in Kensington to visit the permanent exhibition, ‘Designer, Maker, User’.

It was quite an interesting exhibition overall. there were various displays from very different design backgrounds.

“Designer Maker User is an introduction to the museum’s collection, looking at the development of modern design through these three interconnected roles. Designer Maker User features almost 1000 items of twentieth and twenty-first century design viewed through the angles of the designer, manufacturer and user, including a crowdsourced wall.”  – Design Museum

The exhibition is divided into 3 sections, Designer, Maker, User. In the designer section we can look further into who designed a product, how they designed is and their thought process behind it. In the Maker section there was an emphasis on how products are manufactured, and in the user section there is a focus on how people use products and how this influences the design of new products.

We were asked in class what is ‘good’ design and how can we create well designed products? 

The answer isn’t very simple. But from my perspective, good design is about context. A well designed website for example, can bring more customers and  people to interact with your business. A well designed product is likely to be recommended to friends or family. One big example of well designed products can be seen in Apple products which have always been designed as a premium computing product. From the early iMac to the iPhone, there was a vision to create products that fulfilled both the form and function of a users desires.

In the User section, I really enjoyed seeing all the different games consoles as an avid gamer myself. It really put into perspective how much the industry has evolved since the early days of consoles to now being able to play video games on a mobile phone.

There is a lot of inspiration in the design museum especially in this exhibit, and it’s a place i can see myself going to from time to gain insights.

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