FITME Series: From Ideas to Reality

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Many people enter into business thinking “hey, I have this great idea!” and assuming that everything will somehow work out. This post summarises a lot of what I felt throughout creating FITME (The exercise card game) with my fellow team members.

During the  last few posts I talked about specific points throughout the build up of this business, but what about the other side of it? There’s a lot of creativity and thought process that went into designing our product, and figuring out if anyone would actually buy it!

To start at the beginning, our team had a good dynamic, three of us were from creative backgrounds so we knew our product was going to incorporate a heavy design element, and we had a strong business background from one team member who bought together a lot of the research once we dug into the problem (more on that later!)

We started brainstorming, initially as individuals, then together as a discussion to bring our ideas to the table and grow them from a root in the ground to a tree. Comparing the two, we found it was both more fun and more productive bouncing ideas off each other to generate even more new ideas, and in the space of 15 minutes we came up with over 20 ideas! WOW!

But here’s where it gets tricky, how do you start off with an idea that’s feasible, and not going to be completely pointless as a product? I’ll leave that for next time!

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