FITME Series: Making an Advert

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Video Adverts have evolved a lot from what they used to be but many adverts today still follow the same trends that have been around since the first video adverts appeared.

The main point of creating a video advert is to attract customers to find out more about your product, and potentially become users of it. In our case we had to show that FIT ME! was more than just a novelty card game, and stood for something more than that.

As a company one of our core values is that we believe in motivating and encouraging change within people, and we had to show this through our advert.

At the same time, being a fitness product, we had to make sure that the vibe of the advert would attract the right audience. We wanted an upbeat and happy video which demonstrated people playing the game, but also illustrated to people that the game is more than just a game but something to bring them together.

As I was in charge of video production, with my previous media experience, and with Kijsuchon as my camera operator and second pair of eyes, we came up with a concept we liked. We wanted to create a fast paced video which displayed all the information that a customer might want, as well as a message from our company. 

The main message we wanted to deliver is that exercise can be fun, and can be for everyone. It shouldn’t be scary, and it should be enjoyed with friends. We aren’t selling a card game, we’re selling a lifestyle choice. 

So as we started thinking how to portray this, we thought the best way would be to film people playing the game, then cut snippets of people exercising in different places, and add some motion graphic effects to catch people’s eyes alongside some upbeat – pop type music to draw on people’s sense of hearing.

The feedback we received in class was that the video was memorable due to the motion graphics, and the messages it delivered. However it didn’t quite display what the product was to be used enough for some, and some thought the music was not right for the footage.

So, you’re probably wondering, where is this video? Well lets take a look below:

With Kijsuchon filming, we recruited some of our classmates, of different fitness levels to assist us with acting out playing the game. This worked well as we pretended to play the game and filmed snippets of different types of people doing different exercises. Using this alongside some stock footage of people doing exercises at the gym and breaking a sweat, we added some positive messages between each clip. As the video is only 33 seconds long, it moves very fast, as our game is based on the HIIT workouts we wanted to keep the video at a fast pace as well.

I think with the technical skills used within our team we managed to create a very professional looking video that matched the rest of our branding quite well, If we were to re-do the video we would most likely try to show more of how the game is played, from shuffling to drawing to losing and forfeiting then winning the game. This would likely help people decide whether they will buy the game or not since it would show off more of what the product is rather than just the message. In my opinion I felt that although the advert was strong, the message of “this is our solution” is somewhat lost among all the other messages.

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