Putting our ideas on paper: Business model canvas, lean canvas and more

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During the next few days after deciding on an idea, we started developing our yoga mat idea but we discovered that the idea had too many flaws. The main flaw being, it would become a product that nobody really asked for. At a basic level the main problem with this product is that it doesn’t solve the problem by introducing anything new to an existing workout.

We started looking at the Lean Canvas, a way to map out a business on a business model canvas but optimised for lean startups. 

So what did we come up with? Let’s have a look at a lean canvas as below:

From this canvas we saw that we were focusing on a few different problems instead of just one or two. We discussed this as a team and led to different solutions. A mat with printed exercises wouldn’t make workouts more fun, it would just provide instructions. So we thought, we should look at a way to gamify exercise. We looked online and could find lots of apps which have started doing this however our idea was to create a game which also helps people connect through exercise. 

So we bought this new idea into the lean canvas. Below is a version of our business lean canvas created in class, then finished by Kantida in her blog:

Source: kanphi.wordpress.com

This new canvas for the exercise card game was our big step into a product that solves a problem in a way which felt innovative.

We can see more clearly what the problem really is and the solutions we have come up with, as well as how unique it is. Our main focus points at this stage are to produce a fun product which can encourage healthy lifestyle.

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