Selling our idea to the public: Trade fair experience

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Now this was a new experience for me. Standing in public showing off something we have made as a team, and trying to get people to buy into the idea. On the 24th January, we took our startups to the Kingston university trade fair held in the Business School Atrium, and tried to sell our product after the feedback from the Dragon’s Den Experience.

During the dragon’s den, we received feedback around things we should improve in our product.

Logo: Our logo got some funny remarks when we were on our way out from classmates, the extra ‘i’ made the logo look like ‘fill me’ instead of ‘fitme’ which as expected gets some giggles out of people. so we changed our product name to ‘FITME!’ instead. Our teammate Kantida redesigned the logo to match.

Drawings: The drawings were created by Kantida, after we researched the exercises and found example photos and videos so that we could draw the poses effectively. Our teammate Timsi looked into the exercise routines and then I doublechecked this and made sure the instructions were simple and easy to follow before creating the final card designs.

Design: this was a big area for us as a team with 3 designers. We wanted to create something very eyecatching that wouldn’t just be a card game but also grab people’s attention. The original layout we had a very boring black and white design to make sure our layout was good, but after we noticed this didn’t match the brand identity very well , we changed this to have more colour.

Card game redesign after initial feedback

We weren’t able to create our product in time for this trade fair so we wanted to focus on getting the feel of the company down and get some feedback from our potential users at this point. We looked at how we could potentially package the product and decided we would go for some metal tins.

I helped out at this stage by producing a video to catch people’s attention and draw them towards the stall. The video was using some stock footage of people working out in various locations with a fast paced feel to it. We added some motivational quotes to the video to encourage people to engage with us about their workout routines.

Kantida then focused on the Trade stand and designing how we would lay out the stand on the day. She designed some small posters which would sit on the table, and we printed the card game rules and some of our social media posts to show on the table. We also wanted to make sure people could find us online for this trade fair, as we didn’t have a product to sell. The only thing left was to get people to listen to us about our product! At this point we decided the best way would be to demonstrate how the game works, add some fun and laughs into it by joking around, and remember to give away the business cards, which had some of our exercise instructions on the back. Below you can see me describing the card game to one of the passers by at our stall.

in the end all of our thoughts and efforts into the product design paid off, as we won the best trade stand award! This was great for us as we really were focusing on getting our branding recognised.

Later in class we discussed some of the improvements we could make for the stand and for us the main problem was that everything on our table was very small, and it wasn’t obvious what we were selling until people came and spoke to us, and it wasn’t clear that the product was the center piece because we had so many other things on the table.

Another possibility for our team is to wear sportier clothing, as we are focused on fitness it would make sense to be in gear which we could actually work out in.

And finally, if we could have used a little more space we could have put some mats down and challenged passers-by to complete challenges for rewards, becoming more of a social stand and encouraging exercise and workouts to break down the fear of failure many have when working out at a gym.

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